Thursday, February 28, 2002

Haven't done nothing yet

'This is my son, whom I love. With him I am well pleased.'

Those words of blessing were pronounced on Jesus before he ever did anything. He hadn't performed any miracles. Hadn't preached any sermon on the mount. Hadn't yet conquered sin and death. No, up till then he had pounded nails and carved wood. But already He is the Son, the beloved, and the one who gave Father pleasure.

I wager it is holding on to these words, that Jesus overcame the devil's seductions. Forty days in desolation, where there was no voice of affirmation and no touch from on high. Only howling cold winds, exhaustion and loneliness. In such moments of dark and despair, temptation comes: Feed your hunger! Make God prove He is with you! Take what is rightfully yours!

'My son. My beloved. I am pleased with you.'

Those are the words that keeps Jesus looking to the Father for sustenance, trusting Him enough not to test Him, and refusing to bend his knee to any other if it would mean turning his back to the Father.
In Christ, I am a co-heir to those words, and they are words I need so much when there is no touch and no voice. When I feel neglected or abandoned. Far away and forgotten. When the days are more akin to a cold desert.

'My son. My beloved. I am pleased with you.'

Such are the words already spoken, and I can take in over and over again. These are the words that sets me free from the grindstone of working for approval or acceptance. Through Christ, I am child. I am beloved. And I have His pleasure.

And I haven't done nothing yet!


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