Wednesday, November 19, 2003


We had our church camp 2 weeks ago. For a couple of months before that, we were trying frantically to get a speaker - everyone we tried were fully-booked, out of town, or exhausted their year's leave.

But at the 11th hour a very kind speaker said 'yes'.

I'll be there, and if not me, I'll send someone in my place. We were thrilled. Until the day of camp. My car was all packed with passengers' luggage and revving ready to go when the camp coordinator comes up to me and says, 'Dr. Yap, the camp speaker can't be found anywhere. He's not replying his emails and he's not answering his handphone. We might need you to take some sessions.'

My jaw dropped just long enough for it to turn into a smile without looking like an ape.

OK. I said. I'll think of something. So I went home and dug out materials I'd spoken or preached about before just in case.

Well, in the end, the speaker called up to say he was in London. His profuse apologies, he got the date right, only he thought the invitation was for year 2004! I took 2 sessions and our church elder took the other four. In spite of our unpreparedness, we all had a refreshing time. Some allocated sessions were exchanged for 'rest' - which I enjoyed thoroughly. And the impromptu talks blessed everyone.

This sort of thing could never happen in a city mega-church. Only in Kelantan. Yet His grace is sufficient in our weakness. We are keenly reminded of that.

Sometimes our lack of preparation can be an opportunity for God's control of the situation to shine through. He never lets His people down.


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